Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Welcome to Wyoming

The governor's travel and tourism (T&T) conference and tradeshow has been going on the past few days here in town. The event basically brings vendors and writers from the industry together to show off their "wares" and talk Wyoming tourism.

I went early yesterday afternoon to meander through the tradeshow. I picked up TONS of Western reading material so I can find cool things to do, and had fun drinks from liquor vendors - which makes this tradeshow particularly fun!

The night was capped by a reception and banquet with food made by my friend Annie's brother - he's the chef at the Little America hotel where the event was held.

As an event that highlights Wyoming's T&T industry the food played to our strengths: there was a fried pheasant appetizer, elk quesadillas, duck (instead of ham) salad in little pastry shells, and big hearty buffalo prime ribs for dinner. We sat with sales folks from Backpacker and American Cowboy magazines and enjoyed our fine Western fare.

Throughout dinner there were little presentations like the First Lady speaking, and an award presented, and a rodeo video that showed interviews with big-time Wyoming winners and Chris LeDoux, all of who talked about the sport, and what it meant to be a rancher and to live in Wyoming.

The feeling of pride I get at very Wyoming events like this - and other random times - reminds me I did the right thing in moving here and am in the state I'm supposed to be.

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MOM said...

I feel very proud of Wyoming, too, Kimberly, and glad I was a part of it for so long. It's definitely a unique state. I'm glad you feel comfortable with the choice you made. The event sounds really interesting.