Wednesday, January 7, 2009

West Meets East and Vice Versa

My old junior high/high school friend from the West, who now lives on the East Coast (and who I've been reunited with via facebook) has two blogs I have started reading and really like:

A Happy Knitter and Mama Eats Her Peas.

This happy knitter/mama was one of my first friends when my family moved to Colorado right before I started seventh grade, and who again was one of my first friends on facebook. We were rather inseperable there for a while, and I'm glad we're back in touch!

Check out her Happy Knitter site ASAP... She has a give away going on for some really cute scarves, hats and...a bikini!

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icancarryallthebagsandthebabiestoo said...

Awwwwww... I'm glad that we're back in touch too. So much so that while visiting my mom and dad at Christmas I pulled up your facebook page to show my mom.