Saturday, January 17, 2009

State of things

I've been a little behind on the blog because the Wyoming Press Association winter conference is going on and I've been busy with that.

One thing I wanted to comment on a few days ago was the governor's State of the State address. I've been really excited for the State Legislature to get going - even though I'll have really nothing to do with it.

But having it going on while I'm just a few blocks away makes me feel a little like I'm on Capitol Hill again - with one big exception: There are no t.v.'s at each of our desks for us to watch what's happening on the floor.

I was thinking about that as I sat at my desk with my headphones on listening to the governor give his address via Wyoming Public Radio. How different from what I'm used to!

When Congress is in session staffers Hill-wide each have a t.v. tuned in to the floor. You watch debate, look for your boss, read what each piece of legislation is about...but in Wyoming, to see what's going on you just show up. Anyone and everyone can just show up.

So, I sat at my desk listening to the governor, imagining what it all must look like, which really I didn't need a t.v. for. I guess once you've seen one State of the State/Union you've kind of seen them all.

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icancarryallthebagsandthebabiestoo said...

I like that not everyone has a tv at their desk. I have a friend who works for MTV. She has a tv at her desk and it's on all day. She watches tv ALL. DAY. LONG.

There must be some reason for this. I can't stretch my brain thin enough to figure it out, however.

I am glad that you've chosen a simpler life. I imagine DC to be so stressful. And it's a great stress to experience, but maybe not such a great stress to live in forever? I've never lived there, so I don't know. I feel that way about most cities.

I'd be happy settling down in Oregon, with miles between myself and another neighbor. So... I think my perspective might be a bit extreme.