Monday, June 2, 2008

All-Around Cowgirl

Saturday night I went out to the ol' Fish On Ranch in Centennial, Wyo., where Apes and her family are the ranch managers.  They were having a birthday BBQ for some family friends and I went out to take a break from big city life in Laramie.  

The ranch is amazing.  It's a private guest ranch where people like Bobby Knight go to fish - and Craig, April's husband, is his fishing guide.  (Yeah...Craig is the one holding the mountain lion on the ranch's homepage.)

Anyway, we had a great time.  I filmed a little going away video in the corral for a friend who will be moving West soon, and enjoyed some burgers and rum and cokes (thought of you CK!) as we watched the sun and some elk go down in the hills.

It was wonderful.

The drama of the night?

I killed my first animal since I've been back while I was driving out there.  I didn't mean to!  The dumb gophery thing darted out in front of me, saw the car and decided to double back.  Big mistake.  Big.  I'm pretty sure I sawed him clean in half.  I was disturbed for about 30 seconds until I remembered those gophery things easily number somewhere in the bazillions.  This sounds a little heartless, but eh, what can you do?    

Ok, a couple of pictures from the ranch...

The entryway at April and Craig's (this is only a portion of the heads):

Still in the entryway:

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