Sunday, June 22, 2008

Explore Medicine Bow National Forest

Today I decided to do a little exploring. So, I packed up the car and hit the road for Rob Roy Reservoir and Lake Owen, both above Centennial, Wyo.

I used to love driving up to these lakes. When I was in school and needed a break or to just think, I would hop in my car and many times find myself in this area.

First stop was the Spruce Mountain Lookout Tower. I read an article in 5280 magazine a while ago about being able to reserve these towers for a weekend stay. I thought it was such a neat idea and would love to do that. I want to sit up there with my coffee and watch the sunrise or with a beer in the evening as the sun sets.

Here's Rob Roy from the top of the tower:

And another pretty view:

On a trail that wraps around Lake Owen. This was before humming, black clouds of mosquitos descended on me as I took a little run around the lake. I said in an earlier post that having wildlife chase me might improve my running time. Swarms of mosquitos will do it. I made record time around the lake.
On the way to Centennial at the start of the trip. I thought the colors in the fields were really pretty:

And lastly, this one is for my nephew who also happens to be named Owen:


Stacey said...

Owen thanks you! I love the picture above the one for Owen. I miss the wide open skies of WYO.

Kelly said...

Me too to the one above the Lake Owen sign pic. Look how far you can see! I miss the huge sky and stars.