Sunday, June 15, 2008

Like Lewis and Clark

With a population of around 3,000, Hermann, Mo., is a pretty small town, which makes finding lengthy running routes a bit challenging.

Enter the Katy Trail. The Katy Trail State Park (in red) is a recreation trail that runs 225 miles across the middle of the state, at times following parts of the Lewis and Clark historic trail.

It's pretty accessible from almost anywhere I usually am, so I've started using the trail for my workouts - including one 2-hour bike ride a couple days ago.

The trail is used by thousands of people each year, and communities along the trail are very welcoming of trail users.

It's also neat because you go through all kinds of Missouri country-side, riding along rivers, cutting through farmlands, passing by farmers on tractors, grain silos, rockwall formations, pastureland, you name it.

I like going past old farm-town churches like this one, which I have a soft spot for.
A few other pics from the trail:

Crossing back over the Missouri River into Hermann...


Anonymous said...

What great pictures!!! I didn't know you had taken some that day. Your Dad and I both love that church. He would like to have it for a house. We drove by it on the way home from taking you to the airport.

Kelly said...

Are you sure that's the same church, Mom? That church would've come after Dutzow (I think) if you're coming from Hermann, and I don't think Kimberly rode that far or in that direction. If she had, she would've been east of Washington.

Kimberly, when you come back, you'll have to take a picture of a house on 94 with a mural of Devil's Tower painted on the side. Afterwards we can have lunch at a little deli-diner in Dutzow (say that 10x fast) or maybe to the biker hangout in Defiance, which sits on the Katy Trail. 94 is the happenin' highway.

MOM said...

Kelly, Kimberly's been to the little bar with us. Remember the stuffed squirrels in there, in a band? It was weird. Dutzow is not past Washington. 94 was a beautiful drive on Sunday.

MOM said...

Kelly, you are right. The church is in Rhineland. I saw it in an article I have about the Katy Trail. It's a lot like the other one we pass on 94 the other way, though.