Wednesday, June 11, 2008



Welcome to my new site!

Ok, it's not a 100 percent complete overhaul, but it's definitely different than what you've been looking at the past few months.

I wanted something that more accurately reflects my experience back home in the West. Clearly, I'm all over the map these days, what with living in Vail, then Laramie, and now Hermann, Mo., then back to who knows where...

I've definitley done a lot of criss-crossing.

But regardless of where I land permanently (I use this term loosely), I plan to still be all over the place with lots of exploring around the amazing Western-half of the U.S. This could include just about anything: riding a burrow through the Grand Canyon, let's say, or rafting in the Rockies. How 'bout some Wyoming rodeo, or maybe a visit to the cliff dwellings in New Mexico? Fly fishing in Montana perhaps? Or hitting Austin, Texas for some serious country music...

The are so many possibilities and I want my blog to encompass it all. The sky's the limit - particularly in the West where you can see forever!

The blog's not perfect. I've still got some tweaking to do. A lot of my links are very Colorado-centric and I plan to add to them.

Also, for your listening enjoyment as you peruse my posts, I have added some good ol' fashioned country music. This will change too, and will likely not end up being just a list of hoe-down favorites. My "I LOVE this song!!" list is too long and ever changing to remain so tailored.

I would also like to note, this is my 100th post! So, happy anniversary to my blog!

And yes, I did try to make the unveiling coincide with the anniversary. This is why I'm about about five posts behind...


Aaron said...

Nice map Kim! I am still seeing one thing. Indiana is not on this map. I assume that this is your "west." So, Indiana is East of the West sotospeak.

artemisia said...

Love the new look, and love, love, LOVE! Lucinda Williams. (I just die for her song, Righteously.)