Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Too Late...

I'm sitting in Coal Creek Coffee in Laramie - the second location, not the original - about to start another day of job searching. 

As a quick aside (are any of my asides ever quick?), I have been spending a portion of nearly every day at Coal Creek since I've been here.  In college it was kind of an original coffee house for Laramie, and I loved it.  It had good personality, good ambiance, good food and drink.  Now they've expanded to a second location right by the stadium on Grand Ave.  It's nice...but generic.  It follows all the rules of a run-of-the-mill coffee house, i.e., oversized couches, rust colored walls, cement floor...but it's not Starbucks, and I would rather give my money to the local shop. So, why am I here if it's not my fave?  Well, because I was staying with my dad in the hotel next door while he's in town for work.

And now an aside to my aside:  Many of you know my weakness for wonderful foam so I must note that I had great foam at the downtown Coal Creek last week.  It wasn't French Press good (just look at the picture of the coffee on their homepage!), and nowhere near the foam at La Boulange in San Francisco, which is the gold standard for foam in my opinion, but the Coal Creek foam was up there.  Ahhh...

Anyway, back to the subject.

So, the song playing in Coal Creek as I walked in was the slower version of Apologize by OneRepublic, you know..."It's too late to apologize...too late..."  For a couple months before I moved I was pretty obsessed with the Timbaland version.  It just so happened to be the song I heard in the car on the Friday before I left when I was stressed out about packing and sick as a dog and I suddenly started bawling.  See this post.  

Walking in and hearing that song suddenly made me sad.  Now, let's get something straight here.  I do not regret moving, I wouldn't move back, and I'm happy being back in the West.  

But hearing that song reminded me of a life I once had...not necessarily settled, but...secure mabye?  Once, three short and simultaneously long months ago, I had a job, an income, an apartment of my own, and now I have none of those things.  And like the song says, it's too late now.    

It was just a flash of sadness, which I am now over.  Particularly since they've changed the station to one that's a little more upbeat. 

Ok, time to start job searching!

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MOM said...

Kimberly, you will have security again. It's just taking a little longer. I'm glad you don't regret the move, but I know it's been difficult. Hang in there, and keep on job searching, and something great will happen.