Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Set Forth

I was going to call this post something like The Next Step, or Moving Forward, or something else kind of cheesy. But as I was thinking, the Into the Wild soundtrack came on and the first song is Set Forth. I thought, that's it! That really works!

That's because everything is pretty much lined up now for me to "set forth" with my new life, so to speak. I took a job on Friday and today I took an apartment.

And is it a great apartment! I feel really good about it. It matches me, and importantly, my furniture.

It has hardwood floors, will have a new paint job and carpet in the bedrooms, a nice big bathroom and kitchen, and two bedrooms, which I'm particularly excited about because I hope to have lots of visitors - and because this is the most space I've had in eight years.

And, not to rub it in for my D.C. readers, but Wyoming rent is mind-blowingly cheap! I won't torture you with the financial figures, but let me assure you I'm getting a lot of apartment for my money. To go on would just be mean, so I'll stop gloating. And kicking
up my heels...and secretly smiling to myself over my cheap, cheap rent.

It's in a four-plex, but you can't really tell. It just looks like a big house. Everything from the window right above the rent sign to the left is mine.

I hope I have nice neighbors and get to know them. Like "can I borrow a cup of sugar" or "let's have an apartment building BB-Q" get to know. Knowing your neighbors in D.C. doesn't happen a lot. I "knew" the lady down the hall because I would see her when I left for work in the mornings. I "knew" the girl two doors down because we had oddly similar grocery shopping schedules. And I "knew" the very old gentleman about three doors down because the other tenants on the floor and I were always wondering if he was still alive. Oh man, that sounds horrible, but it's true. We never "knew."

So, that's it! The beginnings of my new life!

Now to load my car down one more time...


Stacey said...

I am insanely jealous of you being in Cheyenne. I have been feverishly looking online for jobs for Tony and houses, etc. I just want to move back to WY and be happy. Keep your eyes on the classifieds and e-mail any lucrative opportunities! Congrats on the apartment. Expect to use your spare bedroom very soon for me and the fam. But beware, we may never leave once we cross the state line! :)

Stacey said...

P.S. I'm only half joking! :)