Wednesday, June 4, 2008

To Lock or Not To Lock

For many in Wyoming this isn't even a question.

Nobody locks their homes, or their cars. In fact, I just had a friend tell me he keeps his keys IN the car. Around here that isn't insane and on top of it all the car is usually left running. I admit I used to do that myself back in the day. I left my keys in the car once in D.C., without meaning to, and it was the only time my car should have been stolen and wasn't. Thieves like to wait until they can actually break into something there. I guess it's not as fun when it's just handed over to you...

Anyway, after having my car stolen three times, my purse stolen countless times, and my bike stolen right before I moved, I think it's understandable that I'm a little leery about leaving everything unsecured.

I'm trying to be better though. At Linds' I park on a road right next to the prairie, but I notice I still hit the lock when I get out of my car. It's just habit. Lately, however, I've caught myself doing this and will flip it back reminding myself that unless I'm afraid of a prairie dog making off with my car then there's no need to worry.

I even locked my car at April's ranch the other day, which is completely ridiculous. They are miles from anything let alone someone interested in driving away with my vehicle.

And locking one's home...? It's customary to leave them open - wide open - during the day around here. We lock up at night, however, because who wants to be caught off guard and killed in their bed?

So, I'm trying to regain that small town level of trust. It's just slow going because with my luck? That one lone circus-trained prairie dog turned-free will find my open car and will be headed for the open road.

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artemisia said...

With your luck you DO have to worry about a prairie dog.

It took me a while to get used to it. It wasn't until I moved out of town that I finally relaxed. At home, I keep my car unlocked and we only lock the house at night. We don't lock it when we are gone -- EVEN ON VACATION -- because we don't know where the keys are. That? That is a little bit crazy.