Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Big Days in Cody, Wyo.!

I’ve been in Cody since Sunday for a work event called Wyoming Outdoor Products days. Our office brings in outdoor sporting media to hang out with Wyoming outdoor product manufacturers, and voila! A marketing match made in heaven!

This has made it a bit difficult for me to post this week, since much of my time has been spent working.

However, I've had some time to experience Cody from a different perspective than a total tourist, which I will become tomorrow. Among other things, this means I shot a gun sponsored by a Wyoming-made company at the Cody Shooting Complex, and spent all day today fishing on the Clark's Fork of the Yellowstone River, which was guided by Tim Wade's North Fork Anglers. I have to brag here - I was the first or second of two fisherman to catch a fish - a Yellowstone Cut-throat, to be exact.

My pride is tempered, however, by the fact that I was also one of the first two people to fall in the river. I’m going to blame this on the boots the fishing shop rents...or…maybe I should have just crossed in a different part of the stream, who knows?

And really, to humble myself even more, I guess I should share (TMI?) that I also tinkled without provisions off a log. This was before falling in the river, and well before learning there were napkins in our guide's truck. This knowledge was a little annoying, but oddly a relief at the same time, because now I could drink fluids again while out there.

So, tomorrow begins my first real day of explore Cody. I will keep you updated with posts and pics as the days go on.

Preliminarily speaking, however, Cody is awesome.

More to come...!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, that sounds like so much fun, Kimberly, even the falling in the river, which I know isn't too deep. Have fun at Yellowstone, and take lots of pictures. Watch out for the bear and mountain lion, though. I would love to catch a trout in the mountain stream. I miss being out there in the mountains! It sounds like it's been a great week, even though it was work.