Saturday, August 2, 2008

D.C. Freak?

So, I wrote a check at Target tonight that seemed to cause a system meltdown - at least for the Cheyenne store.

The cashier asked for my I.D., which I haven't changed over yet to Wyoming. Yes, I know I need to do this - and it's not that I don't want to! My current D.C. license is hideous! I had to replace it quickly the morning before I left town because my purse was stolen the night before at my going away party. I was sick, tired, and in work-out clothes, glasses and no make-up because I figured they could just pull my old picture. But, oh no, much to my horror I had to get a new one taken. So, I'm really not holding on to my D.C. license for any particular reason except I just haven't had a chance to get my Wyoming one.

Because of this I have become used to people being thrown off by my I.D. They don't know how to enter D.C. the "state?" In most systems it seems to be.

I handed the Target cashier my I.D., she ran the check, and oddly it didn't seem to be accepted. I didn't really think anything of this until she apologized and then ran to get another associate.

Meanwhile, I'm left wondering why in the world my check wouldn't go through - especially since I just got paid - and the people behind me who had just thrown all their stuff on the counter kept looking at me like I was a villain.

The cashier returned with three other associates in tow. After a call to some secret Target computer headquarters by a totally different clerk everything seemed to be ok.

With some chuckling and apologizing the new clerk informed me that D.C. was under...wait...District of Columbia and not Washington STATE.

Oh? I endured confusion, a fleeting moment of anxiety over availability of funds, and the evil eye from other customers for that?!

I gathered my bags and walked out the door utterly flabbergasted.

Then, as I pulled out of my parking spot a child who couldn't have been more than two-years-old pointed at me through my open window and yelled, "Look at you!"

Yes, look at me! The weird-o girl with a D.C. license!

Alright, alright! I'll change it already!

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