Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Whole Foods Happiness

Last week I went to Ft. Collins to look for a couch and to hit up Whole Foods.

I haven't been in a Whole Foods but once since I left D.C. Now, with an apartment that sports a large refrigerator my longing for a GOOD grocery store could barely be contained.

I pulled in the parking lot and gazed lovingly at the big green Whole Foods letters. I seriously think I heard angels singing and saw the heavens break open over the store much like this:

Ok, maybe this is just a picture I took from I-25 on my way home, but the feeling was the same. The closer I got to the front door of the store the more I felt like skipping. Seriously. I grabbed a cart and stood overwhelmed with happiness in the produce section.

I went up and down EVERY aisle. I tried to be judicious in my selections, but when I was checking out I realized I hadn't been as frugal as I'd hoped.

That's ok though because I have been happily eating marinated tofu, homemade breads, and nice meats all week.

Who says money can't buy happiness??

1 comment:

Linds C said...

The real question is---was there a secret cheese bin?!