Wednesday, August 13, 2008

O Pioneers!

Much like the pioneers who settled the West, I am doing without a modern day convenience.

I'm not talking about electricity, indoor plumbing, or a car to get myself around in...I've got all those.

I'm without a microwave.

I gave my D.C. microwave away before moving because it wouldn't fit anywhere in the U-Haul or car and I was totally over thinking about it. Besides, Carrie had a microwave I could use, and they aren't that expensive these, adios D.C. microwave.

Then, as I moved into my new place I realized I had/have other priorities than a super-quick way to heat my food. I decided I would go old school. I would use my oven for everything - even to warm leftovers. If we did it before microwaves were invented I could certainly do it now, right?

It's really been ok. I cook quite a lot anyway, so the ways of the oven are not new to me. The only drawback is the time constraint. Waiting for the oven to pre-heat, then to warm your food could easily be a 15-20 minute (or longer) endeavor.

Clearly, this is where the benefits of a microwave kick in.

I told a coworker I didn't have a microwave and he looked at me as if I had just donned a floor-length skirt and bonnet. He said he has an extra one and he would be MORE than happy to let me use it.

I told him sure, even though I kind of like my pre-'70s/'80s (I didn't Wikipedia the date microwaves were invented) way of doing things.

However, there is an appeal to chicken in 15 seconds v. 15 minutes...

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