Wednesday, August 20, 2008


This is actually the name of the salon I went to today for a much needed hair cut.

I might have gone based on the name alone - I mean, it IS kind of funny - but I mostly went because a friend recommended one particular stylist there: a girl who cut hair in a D.C.-area salon.

That was all I needed to hear.

Not that I've never had a bad hair cut in D.C. - I recall one particular stylist who thought I'd look best as Mrs. Brady.

And, I'm sure there are good stylists in Cheyenne. But I wanted to check out the one who worked at the sister salon to a glitzy one in downtown D.C.

I had high hopes of walking out and not looking like a newscaster - which is also what stylists like to make me in to.

Overall, I think she did a good job. She wasn't my beloved Karina from D.C., but she may be a good substitute.

There's just one other person I want to check out before I make a solid decision - a guy my boss and her sister go to and who is apparently, um, a Dupont-type man.

I'll be right at home!


Kelly said...

There's a salon in a nearby town called HAIR I AM. I've been tempted to go there just to get my ends trimmed - I'd be too scared for anything more than that, but you never know, they could be really good. I'd just have to see how many old ladies with pink bouffants come spilling out the door first. :)

Stacey said...

What about hair like Truvy or Annelle? :)