Thursday, August 14, 2008

To Everything Turn, Turn, Turn...

I think we've reached a turning point - seasonally speaking.

The past few days you can just tell a change in the in literally, the air has gotten a lot cooler. Tomorrow is supposed to be the coolest day yet only getting up to the low 50s. I've even heard rumors about the possibility of snow in high country. This is not how I normally spend my Augusts. August is usually spent mostly indoors standing in front of cranked up air conditioners for what is easily the most miserable time of the year in D.C. I will not miss that.

I've also noticed the sky seems moodier. There are lots of fast-moving clouds and the passing afternoon storms have turned chillier. A quick, light, fall-feeling rain just went through. It was the kind you don't need to shut your windows for, but that makes you want to curl up with a book and a cup of tea. I like those.

The thing I don't like is seeing the mornings take just a little bit longer to lighten. There is nothing more difficult than waking up at your normal time and it looking like it's the middle of the night. Yuck.

Of course, none of these observations are scientific in any way. It's more of a feeling and just noticing some things seem different.

I'm happy it's changing though, because I LOVE fall. It is by far my favorite time of year, but it's a little harder to enjoy it here - mostly because it's too short! Back East it lasts months versus weeks. The weather is warm through September...starts to take a turn in mid-October...then tapers off into winter about early December.

I'll miss that. And the zillions of fall colors out there. And our annual apple picking trip.

Speaking of, I'm going to have to find something to harvest here. But I'll have to do that fast!

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MOM said...

You have a fondness for capitols, don't you Kimberly? This is a good picture. I love the fall, too, and do love the colors here in Missouri. That's the only drawback in Wyoming. When we first moved there, I was homesick for the tree colors, and had Aunt Nadine send me some pictures. I'm glad you got over your anxiety about visiting D.C., because I know you love it there, and have many friends there. There's alwasy a different perspective when you go back.