Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Speaking of Blasts from the Past...

I had to leave for Cody this weekend and decided to leave a day early to stay in Casper with some very good, old friends I hadn't seen in years.

What a great decision that was.

Jeff and Linda, and Paul and Carrie are a hoot! It's been about six years, I would guess, since I've seen J & L, and about nine for P & C! Incredible. One of the best things about these friends is how seamless it is to get together and have fun with them. It's as if all that time had never passed.

We made dinner, drank wine, sat up 'til past midnight and got caught up...it was so fun. And so worth the extra day!

The next morning we went to breakfast at my favorite little restaurant in Casper - The Cottage. It's an old house turned restaurant and it's just so cute, and quaint, and the food is so good! I had a double stack of the triple berry pancakes...and they have these little bowls of cinnamon apples... Can I just say, yum. I haven't been to The Cottage but maybe once since I moved from Casper. It was a happy reunion.

Then I drove by my old apartment, which I really loved. It was fun to see it and it brought back lots of good memories.

I'm about to have one more blast this week. As I mentioned, I'm in Cody, Wyo., for work and I'm planning to meet up with my old friend Sam. This will be a treat, and I'm really looking forward to getting caught up with him. He's another one where time has passed since seeing him, so very quickly, without realizing it.

We'll have blast-off in:


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