Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bruisers end of season

Tonight was our last night of volleyball.

That we would lose wasn't really up for debate. But the possibility of winning was a tough one: If we lost both games we would maintain our proud losing record. But if we won, we might get the other team in the best April Fool's ever.

We stuck with losing. When you've got a good thing, why ruin it?

So, here's to an awesome losing season by the Chey-Town Bruisers...GO BRUISERS!

This might be our closest spread ever. Who cares if it was in a "pretend" game after the official two. And that the other team had a 10-year-old playing with them... Who cares...?

Good game...good game...

The Chey-Town Bruisers! As the cheerleader I'm obligated to be in a cheer pose in all photos...

Good season team! We'll get 'em next year!

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MOM said...

Hey, at least everyone got out there and did it...that's the important thing. Do I sound like a cheerleader?:) Yay, Bruisers. . You set a record!