Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Treadmill of tears

Somehow I've hurt my back. I think it's from trying a terrible Pilates workout tape (yes, I said tape) at home on Saturday when the blizzard was at it's peak.

WHY did I do this video right in the middle of my marathon training?? Why? I've been asking myself this for the past two days because my back hurts so bad I can't run (or easily bend over for that matter).

I tried going out yesterday morning, but couldn't even make a mile. This morning I went to the gym to get on the despised treadmill because it's so windy. I couldn't run more than a couple minutes.

I tried to do an amped up walk when suddenly, as happens more time than not, my iPod went flying off. Without thinking I cursed rather loudly only to look over and see two elderly women staring at me. They either thought I had been injured or were appalled by my sailor-like mouth. Maybe a bit of both.

I slammed the f'ing machine off and stomped over to get some antibacterial wipes.

Then, just as suddenly as my iPod went flying, I got to the hallway and started to cry. I am just so angry and frustrated - and panicked - over not being where should be in my training.

It usually takes getting to this point to make me dig in. If only my back weren't broken.


Kelly said...

If you want to buy a good Pilates DVD, I think anything with Ana Cabán is a good choice or the 10-Minute Solution series. You can even preview videos at collagevideo.com (I sound like an advertisement but that site is good for avoiding bad or cheesy DVDs.) You probably won't be doing pilates any time soon though. Hope your back feels better soon. Mom and I are off to dinner at Rivertown.

Brandon said...

chiropractor - I'll refer ya!