Friday, April 24, 2009


Last night I drove to Laramie, Wyo., for Wyoming's first "tweetup" - a face-to-face meeting of people who are on twitter.

What is that?

Twitter is another one of those crazy social media outlets out there. It's being used by businesses and individuals to find customers and communities who are talking about the same thing they are.

I'm on for my office and my own personal enjoyment.

The tweetup was really fun. Twitterers from Laramie and Cheyenne were there from college students and above. We had good conversation and it was fun meeting new people.

I love doing stuff like that and I want to host one in Cheyenne sometime soon!


Kelly said...

Did you find out about this on I've looked at that website before, specifically for language-related get-togethers. The St. Louis Spanish Meet Up seems to be pretty active, but I don't think I'll ever be brave enough to attend - it's not really my style anyway, but glad you had fun.

If I had Twitter, it would look like this: Just sitting here...Got up...Got a drink of water...Sat down again...Got the mail...Combed the cats...Watching Letterman... Okay, my life isn't quite that dull, but it's close. :)

MOM said...

Yeah, I'm not into Twitter, and on the edge with Facebook. I just don't want to be on telling what I'm doing every minute. However, I do read your Twitter, Kimberly, to see what's going on with you:) Kelly, I didn't know they had a meetup. That's kind of neat, for languages. You should try to find out more about it.

Kelly said...

The difference is, Kimberly actually has things to "twit" about (is that the past tense for "tweet?"), so it's perfect for her.

Stacey said...

I think you are a little twitter obsessed myself. I don't twitter and I bet you do it more than me because you text and can text everything from your phone. I'd have to get on the computer everytime I wanted to update my twitter, so then it would always say....I'm sitting on the computer typing on twitter...:)