Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Choppers and chai

On my way to City News for coffee with Annie yesterday I had a D.C. flashback...

Two helicopters came out of nowhere, flying together across the open sky.

It was JUST like when the president flies in and out of D.C. There are three helicopters that go up - and come down - at the same time for security purposes: presumably so you don't know which one he's in when they're up.

I can't tell you how many times on my morning run, just past the Lincoln monument, I would be detoured because one of the helicopters was supposed to come down in the "grassy knoll" right alongside my route. The place would be crawling with cops and barricades creating this strangely busy scene on my otherwise peaceful and pretty little route.

There were always three helicopters flying around D.C.'s airspace it seemed. And it was always cool. Every time. Without fail.

Annie nicely informed me - after I gasped and made some weirdo comment like, "It's the president," - that it was just the base practicing.

I then explained why this seemingly everyday thing around Cheyenne was so like an everyday thing around D.C.

We admired it for a moment then we went happily along to our lattes.

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