Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Catch up

I have a lot of catching up to do on here.

I left on Sunday for a conference in Denver and got back today. I wasn't going to buy Internet access at the hotel, so the updates have fallen a bit behind.

But now...let's get down to some blogging business!


My coworker Matt and I went out with some other exhibitors last night - primarily two really fun guys, one Australian and the other English. What is it about those accents, anyway??

For dinner we went to an awesome pizza place in Larimer Square called Osteria Marco. Super cool, super delish, and super fun. Then we headed down to the Wynkoop Brewery, which we closed down. What is it about Aussies, Brits and Wyomingites and beer, anyway??

Today, we walked around 16th St. Mall after the conference and had lunch at a pretty swank place for lunch (I was delighted) called Earls.

On 16th St. Mall...

The Denver Post. For all my love of social media I still like seeing papers that are still standing...

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MOM said...

Good pictures, Kimberly. It looks like the weather cooperated. I thought you had something in your hand, spinning it, at first, then realized it's an umbrella from a table. You just need your cowgirl hat on.