Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Concern for others

I went to the Albany liquor store last night to pick up a six-pack of beer. I was having a guest over to BBQ and wanted to offer him something nicer than the Rolling Rock I had bought a while back on a sentimental flashback to college.

I went to pay for my nice O'Dells 90 Schilling and didn't have my I.D. or debit card.


I apologized to the cashier, who was talking to an ol' codger, and said I would be right back - I was going to run out to my car to check for them.

After a fruitless search in my car I walked back to tell the cashier no luck. The guys were both genuinely concerned about where the cards could be.

I apologized again for the already-rung beer and kind of turned to go.

I must have looked pretty bummed because the ol' codger pulled out his wallet to spot me saying, "I could catch him next time."

I was touched and surprised. And of course I politely refused.

But I left thinking how nice it was that one old drinker was trying to look out for another.

Now THAT'S what I call concern for others!


MOM said...

I think that was a great gesture for him to make, and very trusting. You don't see that much anymore. Maybe he was trying to hit on you, too:) By the way, did you find your cards?

Greg said...

Nobody drinks for free (sort of like nobody rides for free)... ;-)

Jake Sherlock said...

This makes me miss home soooo bad. Only in Wyoming would this happen. *sigh*